Students Clarissa from OneSchool Global Northwich in Cheshire and Leo from OneSchool Global Swaffham in Norfolk came joint top of a national maths competition in the UK which saw almost 450 pupils answer 20 tough questions at just 8 years old.

With the new academic year off to a strong start, some adults have been left wondering how they would fair if they sat down to take on the challenge.

The nationwide maths competition saw students from across the OneSchool Global  UK network of schools tested on their maths ability, with Leo and Clarissa both scoring 95% in record time. Their scores mean that they are showing competencies well above those expected for pupils in Year 3. The competition included a range of challenging questions, with one question leaving even some adults stumped.

This puzzle featured a range of shapes and was asked to find out the corresponding values for each. Can you work out the correct answer?

Question: The value of each shape is positive, single digit. What is the value of the triangle?

After being given a range of options, Leo and Clarissa found the correct answer of 6 by running the sums against each shape. They were the only two students to answer this question correctly.

Pipping the competition, staff at OneSchool Global say that the students success in the test is a testament to their natural ability which has been carefully nurtured through the great work of their teachers and OneSchool Global’s commitment to honing pupils’ critical thinking skills through a self-directed learning approach.

 Paul Rapley, Principal at OneSchool Global’s Swaffham Campus, said: 

“All of us at OneSchool Global would like to say a huge well done to Leo and Clarissa for their incredible achievements in this national maths challenge.

“The OneSchool Global community is built on a high-quality foundation of excellent teachers who guide pupils in technology-empowered learning environments that allow them to thrive. As we embark on a new academic year, I look forward to seeing our pupils take on more challenges as we help them to develop critical thinking skills that they can take with them through their schooling journey and beyond.”