The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) of Boronia and Berwick have been working tirelessly to support the brave firefighters and emergency personnel battle the blazes in Victoria.

82 RRT volunteers have been working alongside emergency services serving more than 4,000 meals to firefighters who are putting their lives at risk to save peoples’ homes and stop the spread of the fires.

The RRT, an initiative of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, is staffed by Church volunteers who provide catering services during a range of emergencies and charitable events.

Emergency services personnel in Victoria are working tirelessly to battle more than 26 fires which are raging throughout the state Volunteers from the RRT have stepped up to support the brave first responders to extend gratitude for their bravery and commitment to protecting their local communities.

The RRT have worked hard to supply the crews with a breakfast of bacon and egg rolls and hash browns, and a lunch of subway style rolls and salads and the RRT’s signature beef burgers. The team also served up barista made coffees and cookies.

Lloyd Grimshaw, from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, said the RRT were humbled by the relentless work of the volunteers and firefighters who are working around the clock to tame the blazes.

“The RRT are always happy to serve alongside others, especially these heroic firefighters, to extend compassion and care for people who are facing very challenging times,” Mr Grimshaw said.

“Our contribution is small, but we hope it shows our brave firefighters that we stand by them and the community through these devastating fires.

“We hope the meals we have provided have sustained these hard-working men and women and made them feel valued, because we are all grateful for their selflessness.

“As a Christian organisation it is in our ethos to extend our kindness and compassion to those in need,” he said.

“The Rapid Relief Team were absolutely sensational, thank you for taking the extra time to make my breakfast to keep me going,” Fiona Naisbitt, volunteer firefighter with Montrose CFA said.

Kellie Simpson, volunteer at the Grantville recovery, echoed Fiona saying she was in awe of the selflessness of the RRT and the CFA.

“I would like to thank the Rapid Relief Team for doing such a great job, it’s so important that we look after those on the front line,” she said.

Every day in some small way, RRT volunteers offer a helping hand to those in need. For more information about the Rapid Relief Team, go to