Brethren charity Rapid Relief Team (RRT) has donated $3000 to Ambulance Victoria’s Swan Hill Branch to put towards the purchase of a Corpuls mechanical CPR device that could save many lives.

With care and compassion at the very heart of RRT, the opportunity to ensure access to vital life-saving equipment for RRT’s own Victorian community made the donation that much more special.

CPR and Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) Awareness is part of a push by Ambulance Victoria to highlight the importance of knowing where AEDs are located.

CPR and defibrillators are critical for survival. For every minute that CPR is delayed, survival decreases by 10 per cent. Currently, the Swan Hill Ambulance does not have a mobile automatic CPR device.

RRT is made up of volunteers from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC) who provide catering and emergency support services at a range of charitable events and emergencies.

RRT Local Team Leader for Swan Hill, Bill Dowell said it was a pleasure to be able to contribute the funds towards such a worthy campaign by Ambulance Victoria.

“We know that only 1 in 10 Australians will survive a cardiac arrest,” Mr Dowell said.

“Having a mobile mechanical CPR device located in Swan Hill could be the difference between life and death for someone suffering from cardiac arrest in our community.”

“We know how hard Ambulance Victoria has worked to raise awareness about the importance of the early intervention of a “Cardiac Arrest” focusing on “Call, Push and Shock” – Call 000, Push on the chest and Shock using an AED, we are humbled to be able to donate to this important local cause.

“We are a Christian charity driven by our values of care and compassion – wherever we can lend a hand to our local communities and contribute to a worthwhile cause, we will,” Mr Dowell said.

At a cost of approximately $17,000 the Corpuls Mechanical CPR Device is a versatile, compact unit, suitable for out of hospital cardiac arrests.

Having quick access to such a machine helps avoid fatigue in providing CPR by either bystanders and / or Paramedics, which can significantly improve patient survival rates.

Ambulance Victoria Swan Hill Branch Representative John Gillingham accepted the donation and said:

“We want to thank the RRT for their generous donation towards a mobile automatic CPR device for the Swan Hill Branch of Ambulance Victoria,” John Gillingham said.

“The stats are clear – patients who are defibrillated in public spaces by an AED and CPR performed before emergency services arrive in Victoria are more likely to survive and leave hospital.

“The more widespread availability of AEDs, and greater awareness in the community of their role including learning CPR, greatly improves survival rates for someone suffering from an out of hospital cardiac arrest.” John Gillingham said.

Ambulance Victoria Swan Hill Branch is continuing to fundraise towards the new device and greatly appreciate the significant donation from the RRT which enables Swan Hill Ambulance to service the local community with greater effect.

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