We have a network of enterprises, which, whilst not owned by us, work together to help our members improve their lives and the lives of those they live and work with.

Rapid Relief Team

The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) was established in 2013 to express the PBCC’s scriptural principles of care and compassion. Our teams are comprised of volunteers from the PBCC.

The RRT is a global charitable organisation with teams in Australia, the United Kingdom, North and South America, the Caribbean, Canada, New Zealand and Europe. Each team operates with established protocols and an effective organisational structure in every region globally to deliver a consistent standard or service at all times.

The RRT provides both proactive and reactive operations. The teams mobilise and respond to some of humankind’s greatest challenges, including natural disasters, fires, floods and storms. The volunteers also support disadvantaged young people, the homeless, hospitals and health services, and disability charities.

The focus of RRT’s support is to provide quality food and refreshment catering assistance to charitable and government organisations. However, we are not limited to this support and our labour force is trained to contribute to reducing suffering and loss in times of need.

The RRT’s volunteers operate in teams of ten, and with specialised equipment can reach remote and difficult to access areas. Once we have set up we are fully self-contained and can even serve hundreds of meals and quality barista made coffees within the hour.

RRT’s volunteers are ambassadors of goodwill. In every effort, they operate with community spirit, compassionate care and supportive hands. And we are often found working in partnership with people of other religious denominations.




UBT is a global business providing advisory and group buying services, corporate training, consulting and leadership and excellence mentoring.

UBT is an innovative organisation with a focus on helping businesses grow, and developing and utilising the latest technology and leadership strategies to achieve this goal.

The UBT workforce is comprised of employees from both within the PBCC community and outside the community.

UBT supports education and charity work.



OneSchool Global (OSG)

Similar to religions all across Australia, We have established our own school network – OneSchool Global. One of the things which is different about our approach is our very strong belief that the classroom is not the place for religion.

We don’t teach religion classes or hold services in our schools.

We are committed to a culture where students are encouraged to develop their full potential and acquire the discipline of learning how to learn, and critically analyse the world around them.

Our vision is to deliver a global education ecosystem that develops life-ready students who are “Learning to Learn”. At OneSchool, we want our students to process information perceptually, analyse data accurately, and evaluate situations intelligently, and fulfil their true potential.

The OneSchool Global network was established in the early 1990s. The network began in Australia and now we have more than 23 campuses across the country. Worldwide, we have 9,500 students, 130 campuses with 2,500 staff across 21 countries.

We are pleased to provide a model for all schools as we utilise innovative and progressive digital learning methods. Our facilities and technology and learning environments are cutting edge and our school system is built around technology rich classrooms, personalisation and self-directed learning. Students living in remote areas are able to connect to the OneSchool Global network and learn from home.

OneSchool Global attracts and retains some of the highest quality, leading teachers in the country. Our school leaders and teachers are not members of the PBCC.