The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) has joined forces today with the Love, Hope and Gratitude Foundation, which aims to raise community awareness and bring hope, love and support to those in need.

This will mark the first time the RRT have supported the Foundation, which is dedicated to bringing community awareness and support to victims of domestic violence and people experiencing homelessness.

Today, RRT volunteers served up free cooked meals to those in Mt Barker to more than 50 attendees, giving those experiencing hardship a reprieve and something to eat.

An initiative of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC), the RRT is staffed by Church volunteers who provide catering services during a range of emergencies and charitable events.

Lloyd Grimshaw from the PBCC, said he hoped the Mt Barker event would bring comfort to those going through hard times, and to know they are not going through it alone.

“We feel very grateful to be helping out with the Love, Hope and Gratitude Foundation event today, and we hope to continue to support this worthy cause. “

We are a Christian Charity, and extending a hand of kindness and compassion to those in need is at the core of who we are.

“It has been great to see the everyone in the Mt Barker community come out in support of those less fortunate, and we hope our small contributions have helped in some way,” he said.

The Love Hope & Gratitude Foundation was founded in 2015. The Love, Hope & Gratitude Foundation is focused on giving care and compassion to victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and homelessness.

The RRT offers quality catering assistance to charitable and government organisations confronting some of humankind’s greatest challenges, including natural disasters, heart disease, cancer research and the plight of the homeless.

Across the globe, the RRT are mobilised and ready to respond where we are needed most.

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