The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) has today supported The Royal Children’s Hospital in its Good Friday Appeal, which raised money for the Hospital to provide first class care for children.

RRT volunteers worked throughout the day to provide more than 1,600 meals to supporters at the fundraiser, including serving the RRT’s classic beef burger, bacon and egg rolls and sausage sizzles.

The RRT, an initiative of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, is staffed by Church volunteers who provide catering services during a range of charitable events and emergencies.

The Royal Children’s Hospital initiated the Good Friday Appeal in 1913, with the appeal continuing to bring people together year after year from all areas of the community to support the Hospital.

RRT volunteers have dedicated their time and resources to the Good Friday Appeal since 2016.

Lloyd Grimshaw from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, said the RRT continue to be humbled by the ongoing work of staff and volunteers at The Royal Children’s Hospital.

“The RRT are privileged to serve alongside others in support of the Good Friday Appeal, especially the thousands of hospital employees who volunteer their time to fundraising every year,” Mr Grimshaw said.

“As a Christian organisation, it is within our ethos to come together with other members of the community to extend care, compassion and gratitude, and in this instance, support such a worthy cause.

“All children deserve access to the best in medical care and research, and our hope is that that RRT’s small contribution today goes toward the ongoing provision of medical excellence to the community by the Royal Children’s Hospital.”

The Royal Children’s Hospital is renowned for excellence in care, innovative medical and surgical methods and procedure, and offers care to children and young people throughout Australia.

Since the Good Friday Appeal commenced in 1913, $345 million has been raised to support the Hospital’s research, equipment, education, training and patient centred care programs.

Last year alone, more than $18 million was raised through the Good Friday Appeal.

Multiple fundraising initiatives occur in the lead up to Good Friday, including workplace and school fundraisers and authorised collection groups, with all initiatives culminating in an all-day telethon.

Every day in some small way, RRT volunteers offer a helping hand to those in need. For more information about the Rapid Relief Team, go to