Rapid Relief Team teamed up with Community Support Frankston on Friday 31 July, to safely deliver dozens of donated RRT Food Boxes to residents in self-isolation after being tested for COVID-19.  

Community Support Frankston funded the 54 donated Food Boxes, which were safely delivered to residents by RRT volunteers alongside Peninsula Health staff at the Ambassador Apartments on Friday.

Part of RRT’s Food Box initiative, the boxes are designed to take a small amount of pressure off Aussie families in crisis and help them put food on the table.

RRT Food Boxes continue to be safely packed exclusively by RRT volunteers from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC), to be delivered to individuals and families across Australia. 

RRT Managing Director Ron Arkcoll said care and compassion were at the core of RRT’s outreach programs and said they were thrilled to be able to offer a small gesture of help to those who needed it.

“While we know the COVID-19 crisis continues to throw up never-before-seen challenges for us all, we are so humbled to be able to provide a small amount of relief to Frankston families,” he said.

“Our volunteers will continue to step up to the challenge and are committed to supporting our local communities through these tough times.

“Whether that’s filling a family pantry with some food items or putting a smile on the face of a neighbour – from an appropriate distance! – we hope these small acts go towards providing relief.

“In particular, I want to thank Community Support Frankston for always putting the people of Frankston first,” he said.

RRT teamed up with local not-for-profit agency, Community Support Frankston, who purchased the Food Boxes and helped to ensure they landed in the hands of residents most in need.

Steve Phillips, Manager for Community Support Frankston, said, “It was fantastic having RRT at the COVID-19 testing at the Frankston Ambassador complex on Friday.”

“Great to know that those getting tested had enough food to see them through the weekend and self-isolate while waiting for their test results.

“These food buckets are a huge help to those receiving them,” he said.

The RRT Food Box initiative has delivered over 5,000 food boxes to people in crisis including those in self-isolation, children in need, and families suffering from domestic violence.

If you live in Frankston and are in need of support, please contact Community Support Frankston on 03 9783 7284 or visit www.rapidreliefteam.org/RRT-food-boxes.