Aussie charity, Rapid Relief Team, has again hit the road to lend a helping hand to Australian Defence Force (ADF) troops and the NSW Police along the NSW-Victorian border. 

As Aussie troops and local police continue to man border checkpoints during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Rapid Relief Team continues to provide on-the-ground meal support to men and women in uniform. 

The local charity fired up the BBQ and barista-coffee at 4 checkpoints along the border to ensure local law enforcement keep their bellies full while they continue to protect the people of NSW and Victoria. 

RRT volunteers from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church have been boots on the ground now for 4 days, serving hundreds of meals and hot beverages day and night to troops and police as border restrictions continue. 

RRT Managing Director Ron Arkcoll said care and compassion were at the core of RRT’s outreach programs and said they were thrilled to safely be able to offer a hot meal, a cup of coffee and a bit of relief. 

“We know the COVID-19 crisis continues to throw up never-before-seen challenges for us all, we are humbled to be able to provide a small amount of respite to the men and women in uniform,” he said. 

“Our volunteers will continue to step up to the challenge and are committed to supporting our local communities and law enforcement through these challenging times. 

“On the border, our volunteers have been safely serving ADF and NSW Police in the rain, fog and cold weather – and will continue to support these men and women as long as needed,” he said. 

RRT serves Australians through charitable events and emergencies, including the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis. 

Throughout the pandemic and in addition to the assistance on the NSW-Victorian border, RRT has continued to adapt how it delivers tangible support to Australians during this challenging time in history. 

Since March 2020, over 5,000 RRT Food Boxes have been delivered to Aussie families, putting food on the table for vulnerable people in need, including those in self-isolation. 

If you are in NSW and in need of an RRT Food Box, please contact Service NSW where your case can be assessed. 

If you are in Victoria and in need of an RRT Food Box, please visit for further information how you can access assistance.