Working with Kyneton Community House, the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) donated 50 Christmas Food Boxes to Kyneton families who are doing it tough this Christmas.

The Christmas Food Boxes contain a variety of non-perishable goods, and one box can last a family of four up to 48 hours.

In addition to the canned goods, cereals and long-life food, the Christmas Food Boxes contain some festive goodies including candy canes, Christmas gravy and other similar goods.

RRT Local Team Leader for Kyneton, Rob, said the donations were made in collaboration with local organisation, Kyneton Community House.

“Christmas can be a challenging time of year for families doing it tough, especially off the back of the pandemic,” Rob said.

Food boxes donated to Kyneton Community House by Brethren Charity RRT

50 food boxes were donated to Kyneton Community House by Brethren Charity the Rapid Relief Team.


“We hope these Christmas Food Boxes will provide a little relief to those who need some extra support during this period.

“Working with Kyneton Community House is always a pleasure, and we extend our thanks to the team for connecting us with these lovely local families.”

Claire from Kyneton Community House  said it was nice to see some additional support for local families.

“We see folk from all walks of life come through our doors, and we do our absolute best to support them however we can.

“The last two years have been particularly tricky for a lot of people, especially over the Christmas period. We are very grateful to receive some additional means of support from RRT.”

RRT is the local charity arm of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church.

RRT supports hundreds of flood, fire and drought rescue efforts each year, and also assists the healthcare system through donating food boxes and other supplies where required.