Executive Director of Rapid Relief Team Australia (RRT), Ron Arkcoll joined Sky News Australia to discuss the devastating effects of drought and fire across NSW and the efforts of the RRT volunteers to lend a helping hand.

Rapid Relief is a church-based organisation and the charitable arm of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC). He adds they provide meals for rescuers and emergency services.

The RRT started their campaign to help the farmers affected by the drought in 2018. He says they were able to raise funds and donated fodder to the Aussie farmers. The PBCC raised $3 million and every cent went to 1100 Aussie farming families that were affected by the drought.

The campaign is continuing and a new initiative called Farmers Community Connect has been introduced, because there was a clear need for social well-being support for farmers.

Ron says that for the RRT it’s not fixing the drought, but more about bringing some hope and encouragement to keep going in this overwhelming and often desperate time for  farmers and the local community as a whole.

He discusses their upcoming event in Narrabri to donate 400 tons of livestock pellets, and offering a well-deserved day out for farmers to enjoy. He says farmers can also have free access local support groups such as mental health services, rural financial counselling and veterinary services.

He states their volunteers came from a variety of backgrounds. He says if governments, charities and the general public move together as one, there will be a big difference.

You can watch the interview below.