Rapid Relief Team (RRT) volunteers have lent a helping hand to WA firefighters trying to contain a bushfire raging in the Stirling Ranges, south-east of Perth over the weekend.

RRT’s 32,000-litre water tanker filled a squadron of four fixed-wing water bombers that were used to support the ground and helicopter fleet to contain the large bushfire.

Volunteers also put on a meal for the hard working firies and pilots, providing burgers, coffee and dessert.

This is part of the RRT’s on-ground effort to help fire fighters working around the clock to contain bushfires across the country.

RRT is the charitable arm of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, and is made possible by church volunteers who provide catering services at emergency service operations, community events and more.

Chairman of RRT and member of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, Ron Arkcoll, says it’s the least that can be done to support the firefighting efforts.

“Right across the country, our dedicated emergency services personnel are out there every day on the fire front, putting their lives at risk to help contain out of control fires,” Mr Arkcoll said.

“RRT water tanks helped bring water to the firies so they didn’t have to waste time pumping, and on a firefront when every second counts, quick access to water is vital.

“Whatever we can do to help, from delivering water to the aerial fleet, to putting on a BBQ and a well-earned meal for the firefighters and volunteers, we will be there.

“As Christians, it’s part of our values of care and compassion to serve in the community and help those who need it.

“It makes all the effort worth it, when you see the smile on the faces of tired firies after we have welcomed them with a hot cup of coffee and a meal.”

For more information about the Rapid Relief Team, go to https://www.rapidreliefteam.org/