Hailing back to our roots as a church, it’s always a pleasure to connect with our friends in the UK, most recently with the Royal Family giving a shout out to the charitable efforts of the Rapid Relief Team here in Australia.

Made up of volunteers from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, the RRT has been busy delivering food and refreshments to emergency services right across the country – this time in Western Australia.

Like many charities, RRT are working hard to find new and creative ways to meet needs in their local communities, particularly as social distancing measures of COVID-19 impact on our lives.

The RRT Food Boxes initiative continues, supporting people in self-isolation by donating food boxes, which acts as an emergency food bank, to unemployed and casual workers and their families who are isolated and in need.

While the COVID-19 crisis continues to throw up never-before-seen challenges for us all, the RRT is committed to providing (safe) relief in any way we can. 

Our volunteers are committed to supporting our local communities through these tough and uncertain times, we must keep faith that together we can get through this.